Episode 7

Cabaret's Poison Cookie with Sally Ollove


December 12th, 2018

56 mins 30 secs

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Seattle and Philadelphia-based dramaturg and director Sally Ollove joins us on the show to get into some of our good "why-"based questions abotu cabaret: Who's if for? What does it do that other forms of entertainment can't? Will anyone be taking their clothes off? She's the Associate Artistic Director of the Bearded Ladies Cabaret, and she knows the full depths of Philadelphia's experimental theatre scene. And, like me, she's a reluctant audience participant for any show that breaks the fourth wall, so I feel like I can trust her expertise on how to do these things right, ya know?
With previous experience as the in-house literary manager at The Arden Theatre and a University of Pennsylvania theatre education, Sally's got a full handle on the traditional theatre scene, but she found that was most useful to theatre's fringe forms. For the past couple of years, she's been describing her dramaturgical role as that of a "thought partner." (If her Uber driver asks her about her work, though, she just says she's a set designer so that there will be no follow-up questions.)

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